Welcome to Berlin – the capital of Germany. This city was shaped by many important people in history like Bismarck, Marx, Einstein, Hitler, etc. Wherever you go you will find attractions that have defined the history of this city. Today, Berlin is a city of creativity, new ideas, and probably the capital of startups in Europe. You will find more information by continuing the Berlin Travel Guide. I also have to mention, I spent 9 months living and working as an architect in this city.

Top Things to See and Do in Berlin

Featured attractions

Whatever you decide to do, you will never go wrong, and we bring you a few things that are worth doing in the German capital. Berlin has hundreds of attractions that attract tourists every year, which is why everyone experiences Berlin in a slightly different way. If you have the opportunity to travel and choose your new destination and have not visited Berlin yet, then this is the perfect time to read this Berlin Travel Guide.

The Cold War Sites in Berlin

Berlin’s most famous Cold War location is probably Checkpoint Charlie. Also, don’t miss a visit Karl-Marx-Allee, one of the most famous Berlin boulevards built after World War II as part of the reconstruction of East Berlin. Berlin is full of interesting locations from this period, so this is just a small part of everything you can visit. In the list below of Berlin Travel Guide, find the most popular Cold war attractions.

Museums & Galleries

This city has as many as 170 museums. It very difficult to visit a large number of museums and because of that, I suggest you visit only the most important ones. First of them are 5 UNESCO World Heritage Museums on the famous Museum Island, forming the world’s largest museum ensemble. Also, I recommend a visit to the Jewish Museum, Deutsches Historisches Museum, and DDR Museum. If museums are the focus of your tourist visit to this city I recommend buying a Berlin Welcome Card (big discounts + free public transportation).

Berlin Street Art Tour

You can find traces of street art almost anywhere in Berlin. A good place to start the tour is the East Side Gallery, where artists have covered the remains of the Berlin Wall with murals. Also, Berlin is famous for its hundreds of beautiful and unique courtyards, but Haus Schwarzenberg backyard is really special. If you have a love for the abandoned areas and the Cold War, this is definitely a place to visit. At the top of the hill Teufelsberg, there is a former listening station. A few years ago the station was transformed into a museum of street art that is constantly changing.

Highlights of 20th century Architecture in Berlin

For anyone interested in a bit of architecture, Unité d’Habitation Berlin justifies traveling to Berlin! This category includes many more buildings that I mentioned above. But if I needed to add something to this list, it would be New National Gallery by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Beer Brush Building, and Bauhaus Archive.


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